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A video where I walk you through the process and a personal E-workbook that contains:

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During the course you will be presented with 8 different modules, each with its own theme:

  1. Managing.  Manage your work life balance and understand the factors, which influence your overall balance and wellbeing – and the relation it has to your business results
  2. Values. Finding your values and beliefs helps you navigate through your life
  3. Planning. Planning and prioritizing is important learning points to improve your skills – and it helps you getting the right things done in the right priority
  4. Energy. Managing your energy helps you both to improve your balancing skills, wellbeing and business results
  5. Presence. Improving your ability to be present will help you in every situation – work and private
  6. Community. Knowing your community, hence your support team will help you through balancing work and family life
  7. Personal time. In this theme the focus is things and actions giving you energy and joy for your wellbeing and balance
  8. Commitment. You need to be committed to make the change, which will help you find your balance.

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As a part of the 4Everfit programme in Nestlee, Scandinavia  Helle Rosdahl Lund was responsible for the Theme: Family Balance.


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