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I creates results through different tools in order to achieve a balanced leadership based on knowledge, research and the next best: practice.



My focus is helping you and your business with in the areas Balance in Business, work life balance and Leadership and strategy.



My work is based on:


  • Newest trends for business, leaders and HR
  • Research and theoretical foundation
  • Concrete hands-on examples from companies and leaders
  • Actionable and concrete tools, which you can work with to get more of the success you are looking for and cases
  • Experience



I have developed new tools and ways of thinking and acting with in the area of Balance in Business and Leadership.


Buy the online course: "Work Life Balance 2.0" here


The online-course contains: My video, where I guide you through the process together with your personal E-workbook containing:



  • Proven hands-on and actionable tools, which will help you improve your balancing skills – get the E-Workbook
  • Video introduction to each theme, which will guide you through the process
  • Learning objectives which will help you on your route to improving your skills
  • An action plan to help you in your commitment to improve your skills


8 steps – 8 different themes guiding you on your way to a better balance

  • Manage your work life balance and understand the factors, which influence your overall balance and wellbeing, and the relation it has to your business results
  • Finding your values and beliefs helps you navigate through your life
  • Planning and prioritizing is important learning points to improve your skills, and it helps you getting the right things done in the right priority
  • Managing your energy helps you both to improve your balancing skills, wellbeing and business results
  • Improve your ability to be presence will help you in every situation – work and private
  • Knowing your community, hence your support team will help you through balancing work and family life
  • Personal time is important. In this theme the focus is things and actions giving you energy and joy for your wellbeing and balance
  • Commitment. You need to be committed to make the change, which will help you find your balance.


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Our modern way of living and working creates the need for new ways of thinking and working:

  • Work and life is both integration and balancing
  • The inner work life effects the business resultS
  • Leadership –balancing leadership and management
  • A balanced and focused leader is leader in the future




I work as a consultant and executive advisor. I work together with a team of experts both from the business world, sport and professors:


  • Balance in Business
  • Leadership – make results through the ”Compass of balance”
  • Building a more effective work style and improve your results
  • 4Everfit – proven results through sport and work life balance



Do you know the business case and the huge potential for working professional with Balance in Business and work life balance?

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Buy the online course: "Work Life Balance 2.0" here

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