• Improve your balancing skills already today by taking our online course Work Life Balance 2.0 Basic Level
  • In 8 modules of app. ½ hour each you are guided through tests, exercises and tools that will improve your balancing skills, which in turn will lead to a happier and richer life.

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Are you tired of juggling work and personal life? Would you like to live a richer life?

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Work Life Balance 2.0

- New insights to improve lifequality and business performance.

  • A video where I walk you through the process and a personal E-workbook that contains:
  • A work life balance test – take the test before and after the course and follow your own improvements
  • Proven hands-on and actionable tools which will help you improve your balancing skills
  • Video introduction to each theme which will guide you through the process
  • Learning objectives which will help you on your route to improving your skills
  • An action plan to help you in your commitment to improve your skills

We need a modern way of talking about work life balance. In the modern life you both integrate your work/life, and you also need to balance your work and life, due to the fact that your body and mind need rest. Your body and mind are not “political” correct.

Helle Rosdahl Lund

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