About Helle Rosdahl Lund

Helle Rosdahl Lund is an expert in work life balance and leadership.

She has headed two Think Thanks in Denmark. The first one I 2005: Work Life Balance, and again in 2012: Future work and future leadership.

In 2005 she founded Center for Work Life Balance in Denmark (CBAF.dk).

Helle Rosdahl Lund is also the founder of the prizes: Family friendly boss and family friendly work place in Denmark.

She is often used as an expert in the Danish media. She has participated in different EU project regarding work life balance, diversity and business results.

She has written books, articles and participated as editor in different medias with regards to balance in leadership,work life balance and new ways of working.


Our modern way of living and working creates the need for new ways of thinking and working:

  • Work and life is both integration and balancing
  • The inner work life effects the business resultS
  • Leadership –balancing leadership and management
  • A balanced and focused leader is leader in the future


I work as a consultant and executive advisor. I work together with a team of experts both from the business world, sport and professors:

  • Balance in Business
  • Leadership – make results through the ”Compass of balance”
  • Building a more effective work style and improve your results
  • 4Everfit – proven results through sport and work life balance


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